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SHAPEWV, is a professional education association with a diverse membership ranging from pre-professional college students whom are preparing for a career in education to beginner and long-standing educators at the primary, secondary and college levels. We welcome all professionals in the field to become members and enjoy membership benefits including collaboration and fellowship with colleagues across the state, professional development, graduate credit opportunities and liability insurance.  We convene annually at our state conference where attendees participate in activity sessions and lecture sessions.   SHAPEWV works with SHAPE Midwest, a sub-division of SHAPE America. Further your professional development and grow your collaborative network by becoming a member of SHAPE America and participating in these organization's events as well! 

SHAPEWV acknowledges and honors the fundamental value and dignity of all individuals. SHAPEWV pledges itself to create and maintain an environment that respects diverse traditions, heritages, and experiences. Our vision in SHAPE WV is to develop and maintain an inclusive environment that celebrates the strengths, experiences, and backgrounds of all of its members and affiliates. We will do this by providing equitable access to learning opportunities and professional development experiences that prepare all members regarding issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Working together we will make SHAPEWV, our local institutions of learning, and West Virginia a better and healthier place to play, learn, work, grow, and live. 






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Membership privileges include professional development, graduate credit opportunities, annual conference, statewide collaboration, insurance, award recognition and more!