Presenter Information

2021 Virtual On-Demand Conference

Presentation content for the virtual platform is due August 30, 2021 to [email protected].
The email needs to include:
  1. The name of your presentation (one email per presentation)

  2. The person’s name submitted on the proposal form

  3. All presentation content for your presentation (one email per presentation).

    1. Presentation content can include images, PDF documents, and/or a recorded presentation (please read below about recording requirements).

    2. Recorded presentations might include a video recording of your presentation or a Power Point (or similar presentation platform) exported as a video.  Power Point files are not compatible with our virtual platform and will not be accepted, so if you have a Power Point, the file must be exported to be created as a video. Then you will need to upload this file to your video hosting account (as stated below) to get a Share Video Link.   

    3. Because video files can be large, you will not send us your video file.  Instead, you will need to upload your presentation (preferably as an unlisted presentation) to your YouTube account (or similar video hosting platform). 

    4. Then you will submit your Share Video Link (and all other materials) to:  [email protected] by August 30, 2021. This link will allow us to insert the video into our virtual platform. 

Please send one email per presentation to [email protected] with all materials and your Shared Video Link, if applicable. You can also send questions to this email account and Ashley will reply within seven days. 
Once all presenters' presentations have been inserted into our platform, you will receive information on how to view your presentation on our platform. This date is anticipated to be sometime near the end of September.