Virtual Conference Information &

Procedure for Signing up and Completing Continuing Graduate Credits  

You are ineligible to receive graduate credit if you received graduate credit from the October 2023 SHAPEWV in-person conference.

Step 1: Register for the SHAPEWV conference and pay SHAPEWV the conference fee. Online payment only. ($200) 

Step 2: Review Concord University’s Continuing Graduate Credit Syllabus.  

Step 3: Complete the Concord University Graduate Credit Registration Form. Submit your registration form via the options stated on the form and the $99.00 payment to Concord University. Due Date: April 1, 2024, If you do not submit your paperwork to Concord university by this date you will not receive your graduate credits.

NOTE: At this point you will have made two payments. One payment will have been paid to SHAPEWV for access to the virtual conference. The second payment will have been made to Concord University to receive graduate credits for attending and completing work related to SHAPEWV’s virtual conference.  

STEP 4: "Attend" the conference sometime during the conference open dates (March 11th - April 12th). 

Step 5: Complete the assignments detailed on Concord University’s Continuing Graduate Credit Syllabus by the deadline of April 12th.

Step 6: Submit the assignments to Concord University using the method detailed on Concord University’s Continuing Graduate Credit syllabus by the date indicated on the syllabus.  Erin Conner [email protected]

Concord Syllabus
Concord Registration Form
SHAPEWV Virtual Conference Course Registration

Program Manager:  Erin Conner [email protected]